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Working in an oilfield may be hazardous, but the oil and gas business is one of the most deadly, especially when it comes to working in an oilfield. OSHA head David Michaels responded to the high number of severe injuries in the profession by stating, “It’s not unusual. It’s consistent with a very high fatality rate.”

Following the drop in oilfield employment, the number of serious injuries decreased a lot in 2016. This was followed by an improving safety record, but how safe is it now?

Oil field workers have the highest rate of serious injuries, according to statistics. There were 349 severely injured out of 234,403 employed in 2016. That’s a rate of 148.9 per 100,000, which is more than industrial building construction (133.5 per 100,000).

Common Injuries From Oilfield Accidents


On the oilfield, severe injuries are quite prevalent. What does severe imply? Many workers suffer from serious injuries, especially hand injuries. What causes the high incidence of workplace accidents? Michaels claims that “Many businesses fail to keep accurate records of their illnesses.” According to him, however, severe injuries are more accurately reported since they are more difficult to overlook.

“When someone has lost a limb, no one says ‘keep working,’” Michaels pointed out. However, rather than losing a bodily part, severe injuries might include head wounds, burns, fractured bones, and other problems.

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Head And Brain Injuries At An Oil Field Accident

There are many types of head and brain injuries, although the most frequent ones are concussions, skull and facial fractures, and facial lacerations. Concussions can be severe if they result in further trauma. Brain injuries might result in memory difficulties as well as long-term neurological damage.

Neck And Back Injuries


The oilfield sector is especially vulnerable to these injuries since workers are required to lift a lot of weight. Lifting heavy products requires careful technique, but proper training isn’t always given. Slippery working conditions, such as rain or uncleared pathways, might also be a trigger for these potentially deadly injuries. These injuries can also be caused by explosions and other significant events.

Broken Bones


There are many forms of bone fractures, such as fracture, dislocation, strain, and total breakage. Broken bones can happen while using faulty equipment or while falling or losing your footing. Being trapped between or crushed against something by equipment is also known to cause broken bones. Some of these injuries can heal on their own, but when severe, they must be treated by a doctor. In some extreme situations, limb loss may occur.

Arm, Hand, Leg, And Foot Injuries


The most common types of work-related injuries are strains, sprains, fractures and dislocations. More serious injuries can include the loss of a limb or even death. Working with faulty or hazardous equipment, especially if the required precautions aren’t followed, puts your hands and arms at risk. Due to the equipment employed, this line of work is associated with a high incidence of lost arms, legs, hands, fingers, and toes.



Oilfields may cause first, second, and third-degree burns, which can all be more severe depending on the substance burning. A little fire might not result in significant damage, but an explosion may severely burn and injure anybody nearby.

Soft Tissue Injuries


In the oil and gas industries, soft tissue injuries such as muscle or tendon tears are quite prevalent. Any activity that requires repetitive movement may expose its employees to this kind of soft tissue damage. Depending on the way the injury occurred, these injuries can be minor to severe.

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Common Oilfield Accidents


Because the oilfield sector is dangerous, the prospect of a variety of disasters occurring may be intimidating. Explosions, equipment failure, and hazardous circumstances are all conceivable in oilfields. These workers need significant training on the equipment being utilized, but that isn’t always necessary. Employers sometimes hire anybody who is available, even if they are unqualified.

Equipment Failures


Drilling sites are home to enormous and potentially deadly machinery. They’re used for pulling pipe, drilling, mixing mud, and a variety of other tasks on the job site. These sorts of equipment are huge and weighty. When they’re broken, the consequences can be catastrophic. The dangers of using heavy machinery on work sites must be removed for employees to utilize it safely. These staff must also be trained in the ins and outs of their jobs as well as safety. Accidents occur when workers aren’t properly educated, or when equipment isn’t up to code.

Explosions And Fires


There are numerous different types of flammable gases that can be released by cars, trucks, and tanks. Any fire starter, such as open flame, static electricity, or other heated components, may easily set them off. Because of the amount of combustible activity, explosions and fires are particularly hazardous. This can cause rapid growth in explosions and fires, resulting in additional injuries.

Well Blowouts


A well blowout occurs when the pressure in a well is released suddenly, for example as a result of a drilling mistake. As with most incidents, these are caused by faulty equipment, particularly the pressure control systems in the wells. Well Blowouts are not inherently dangerous, but they can grow into serious oil fires if they catch fire.

Poorly Maintained Worksites


A poorly maintained workplace might result in a number of different injuries, whether these are slips, trips, or falls, or explosions. Injury can be caused by open heating elements, sparking equipment, or any other object that is inadequately maintained.

Slips, Trips, And Falls


With unclean workstations, you can expect slips, trips, and falls. Inadequate illumination or paths might contribute to these incidents. While they may not always result in significant harm, it’s never out of the question. In these instances, workers in oil fields are frequently exposed to hazardous situations. Workers are required to work long hours, and tripping is more common among sleep-deprived individuals.

Working In Confined Spaces


Oil field workers may have to work in a variety of confined spaces, including storage containers and storage tanks. In these little areas, accidents like explosions and fires become much more deadly. These areas are also susceptible to crushing accidents or being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Hazardous Chemicals And Fumes


The oilfield sector is a major polluter, as it includes benzene, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, petroleum coke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and hydrofluoric acid. For a lot of dangerous chemicals in a row, those are some big names. Benzene has been linked to leukemia as well as breast and urinary cancers. Benzene exposure can reduce white cell production, as well. Sulfur dioxide can also cause lung cancer, heart attacks, and a variety of other cardiopulmonary illnesses. Oilfield employees are still exposed to these sorts of compounds on a daily basis despite the fact that they are dangerous to human bodies.

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